Putting it all out there

I am jumping into the craft show scene.

After over 30 years of creating art and crafty items for fun, I am going one step beyond Etsy and attending / exhibiting / selling Art on the Rocks at Nocallula Falls in a couple weeks.

Since what I do every day is promoting and marketing events and brands, it is pretty crazy to be doing this service for myself. I find that I am a demanding and judgy client! I am envisioning my happy little two-day pop-up shop and making some art, getting some stuff printed, and for the most fun, packaging it all up and putting cute stickers on it. Also, my little helper is going to learn about all that leads up to selling something for retail, profit, perceived value and all that goes along with it. Even though I think she is going to try to embezzle from the company and buy herself other people’s art, and probably fair food and snacks.

Here’s hoping I’m giving the people what they want, that I get paid, and my doubtful inner critic can have a Coke and a smile and shut the F*ck up. <3